ZEN Monitoring Solutions

The complexity and dynamic nature of modern networks, consisting as they do of multiple applications, interconnected WAN's/LAN's and a plethora of network devices, means problems are bound to arise. Any network-related problem, whether poor response times, an unavailable application or a full-blown outage, will have an impact on your ability to conduct business. The scale of the impact is directly related to how long it takes to resolve the problem. The question is, how can you ensure the impact is minimized?

Rapid problem resolution is the answer. To resolve a problem you have to understand it. To understand it you have to have visibility into all the possible causes of the problem. Given the complexity of mainframe networks and the range of possible sources of information, trying to do this 'by hand' will not yield swift results. Monitoring Software that dynamically discovers your network and automatically alerts you to problems is the most efficient way of dealing with these problems.

William Data Systems are experts in providing state-of-the-art network monitoring tools for z/OS. Pioneers of the direct stack interface for IP Monitoring, the first dedicated APPN/HPR & EE Monitor and another 'first', the only dedicated monitor for Open Systems Adapters, our pedigree in providing ground-breaking monitoring capabilities for z/OS networks is second to none. In addition to the obvious benefits of rapid problem resolution, WDS Monitor's can actually warn you of an impending problem before the situation becomes critical.

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ZEN IP Monitoring Solutions

Effective Internet Protocol (IP) network performance has become so critical that sophisticated monitoring tools are now required to monitor IP traffic, raise potential problem alerts, aid problem diagnosis and provide historical performance reports. ZEN IP MONITOR (ZIM) is powerful and user-friendly, enabling technicians to immediately pinpoint issues on z/OS IP networks.

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ZEN EE Monitoring Solutions

In spite of all its advantages, the deployment of EE, with its dependence on Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking/High Performance Routing (APPN/HPR) technology, presents unique operational challenges that could seriously affect your ability to maintain business continuity. ZEN EE MONITOR (ZEM) was developed to address these challenges, enabling you to confidently deploy EE, maintain your current SNA application, improve performance and reduce costs.

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ZEN OSA Monitoring Solutions

ZEN OSA MONITOR (ZOM) understands the multi-faceted nature of the OSA. By taking a 'deep-dive' approach to data-gathering it is able to detect immediately state changes, congestion and queue depth issues, along with many, many other pointers which are not detected by IP Monitors, any of which could indicate an impending problem.

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ZEN Linux Monitoring Solutions

ZEN LINUX MONITOR (ZLM) has been specifically designed to meet the challenge of monitoring the performance and availability of all instances of Linux, whether running under z/VM, natively in an IFL, or even workloads running Linux on Intel™ based PC servers.

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