William Data Systems - supplier of premium solutions for IBM z/OS mainframes monitoring, performance management and capacity planning.

What does William Data Systems ZEN product do? Well, ZEN is a completely integrated solution for System z, z/OS Mainframe monitoring and fault analysis. ZEN detects and reports on issues found in every part of a typical z/OS network, in IP, in Enterprise Extender (EE), your Open System Adaptors (OSA), and FTP connections. Even system dumps can be analyzed with ease and comfort using ZEN’s Trace and Solve – EXIGENCE product.

ZEN's IP Monitor is the only IP monitor capable of detecting and reporting on errors in real time as they happen, giving you the chance to diagnose and fix faults. With its ZEN interface, you can even monitor from your iPhone or iPad. With typical IP faults, the 3270 green screen terminal access still allows you to quickly diagnose and problem solve the most complex IP issues, even if the IP network is either down or running slowly.

The Enterprise Monitor component was the world’s first and still most complete tool dedicated to IBM’s premier method of connecting z/OS networks, but how much do you know about configuring enterprise extender connections for optimum path lengths? How do you know when a configuration change extends the connection path? How do you know - after an Enterprise Extender path has switched automatically through a network problem - that it has selected a suitable route to keep your network running at it's best? All these and many other questions ZEN’s Enterprise Extender Monitor answers.

ZEN can also be used to replace NetView or NetMaster and save money. The ZEN AUTOMATION component can totally automate your z/OS network environment. The AUTOMATION feature of ZEN comprises of a number of elements that allow the total automation of a z/OS network environment and even provides the flexibility to build ZEN applications tailored to your own unique requirements, displaying information from many sources at the click of a button.